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Software doesn't automaticaly generates sales!

It’s a wonderful world of business software out there! Automating tiresome business tasks, keeping track of correspondence, understanding customers and attracting prospects has never been so achievable for SMEs.

However, within this array of shiny new functions, people can make the wrong ....

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16 April 2014

6 Tips on how to Integrate your Social Media Strategy

If you're an SME and are active or considering being active on Social Media, then start by ensuring you integrate your strategy. Embed Social Media into wider organisational strategies, business functions and processes.

By integrating your Social Media strategy, you can connect with your ....

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What does Flexible CRM look like?

Everyone is aware of the benefits of Customer Relationship Management software, from storing all customer data in one secure location, to sales, marketing and workforce automation, to document management, the list is endless.

So why do so many CRM projects fail to achieve the goals set by the ....

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Is Mobile CRM Really All That?

At first glance, Billy and Bob are very much alike. They are both 28, single and work in IT sales. Both average in height, weight and looks.

It is Monday morning. Billy and Bob are on the train heading to work. Billy notices an attractive brunette in front of him. She sits down and Billy sees ....

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9 April 2014

How to start a conversation on social media

Up to 70% of B2B buying steps happen online, before they have even connected with a salesperson. That means if your company or brand is not using social media to listen to these relevant conversations, you are missing out on a huge part of the modern day sales process and in the end - potential ....

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