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How can we react to changing consumer-purchasing behaviour?

The consumer has changed. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, apps and social media, no longer do they head out to their local shop to buy a product; they head online to see what comparable products are available, where they are being sold and who has the best deal.

We are in the age where ....

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23 July 2014

Author: Marius Fermi

Guest Blog 

guest blog

Mastering LinkedIn: Definitive Checklist (Infographic)

I’m going to bet that you’ve got a LinkedIn profile and I’m also going to take a gamble and say that chances are, you’ve not given it the love it deserves or needs. LinkedIn is now a growing force in your professional tool belt, so you need to know how it should be set up for optimal viewing.


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How SMEs can keep business ticking over financially this summer

Staff taking time off over the summer is nothing new, but many businesses are ill-prepared for these absences. Keeping up payments and cashflow is vital whilst your staff take a well-earned break: in the UK alone, SMEs today are owed a staggering £39.4bn in overdue and unpaid bills. Make sure the ....

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Hmmm – can good customer service lead to a bad customer experience?

Absolutely! I apologise upfront for the rant I am about to start, but I’ve just slammed my mobile phone down in exasperation after receiving yet another call from one of the top 4 energy companies. The reason for the call began a couple of weeks ago, when I completed a survey in a supermarket ....

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Flexible Management will lead to better CRM Adoption

If you tell an employee to do something that relates directly to their position and responsibilities, there is no problem. He or she will probably do it.

That changes when dealing with what are perceived to be out-of-touch and arbitrary decisions. In those cases, there may be feelings of ....

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