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How to successfully use Sales and Marketing Analytics

maximizing and driving greater ROIOne of the big advantages of an inbound marketing strategy is that it produces reams of exciting data on client needs and behaviour that can yield great customer insight. The trick to leveraging this wealth of inside information is to have marketing and sales analytics in place. This enables your ....

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How inbound shortens your sales cycle

It’s no mystery that the manufacturing sales cycle is often long and drawn out, potential customers want to take their time reaching a purchase decision. Your sales reps know that many quote requests are dead-ends, and probably recognise that significant time is spent communicating with ....

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4 principals for growing your business

I’m not going to imagine that growing your business is as simple as buying a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution. It’s not. Buying a CRM will not grow your business; but what you do with it will.

growth is based on some very simple ideasOver the thirty-plus years I’ve been selling and working with customers who sell, what ....

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What's the difference between Sales & Selling?

The majority of people in Sales think that in order to sell, you need to make the product appealing or attractive. They work on the premise that you need to sell the product, by pitching its features and attributes. On the other hand, some Sales people are latching onto the idea that it’s about ....

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Why Rock Stars Testimonials Don't Attract Clients

Remember the feeling you get towards the end of a rock concert. The lead vocalist says, “You’ve been a great audience. The best we’ve had all tour”.

Do you believe him?

Does anyone?

Not a chance.

You know he says the same words to every audience on every tour. You’re not fooled and ....

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