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28 January 2015

The Human Voice: Creating a Seamless Brand Experience

You get anxious on the train when you can’t access 3G, you surreptitiously check emails whilst you’re supposed to be on holiday, and you even use Facebook and WhatsApp in the shower… This is the age of digital: an age in which 25% of Smartphone owners aged 18-44 say they can't recall the last ....

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5 Rules of Marketing to Increase Sales

I have been marketing for different Sales teams for over 15 years and the question ‘what is a lead’ is the most annoying sticking point for both marketers and sales alike. As a result, I’ve seen marketing strategies come and go in an attempt to bridge this gap. Often the rift is caused by Sales ....

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Customer Service versus Customer Experience – which is champion?

Think about the last time you received great customer service. You most likely described it as ‘that company gave great customer service’ but what you most likely meant is your overall experience with company. When talking, people often confuse customer experience with customer service, and while ....

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How Online Self-Service Brings Both Internal and External Benefits to Contact Centres

Web self-service is the first activity allowing users of an online website or software to gain access to information they need, without having to request external assistance. Two basic examples would be self-service for a customer on an e-commerce website, or an employee receiving real-time ....

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20 January 2015

Author: Dennis Boulter - Vice-President, Sales - Americas

Business Management & Networking 
CRM for Sales  

crm for sales

4 sales tips to make the most of an economic up-turn

After quite a few years of a continued economic melancholy in North America and Western Europe, countries are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel as economies slowly begin the road towards recovery. Your company can take advantage of the improvements in the overall economic ....

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