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How can universities mirror business and turn prospects into students?

The world of higher education has changed dramatically in the last few years. The introduction of student fees and the rising costs to attend university have driven prospective students to become more meticulous in their selection, with University Rankings and Employability Rates as important as ....

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5 Ways To Sharpen Your Sales Forecasting

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could predict the exact moment every opportunity in your pipeline converts into an order? Wouldn’t that make the process of sales forecasting so much easier and more convenient? Unfortunately, we are not built with that capacity.

Sales forecasting is essentially ....

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'Tis the season to maintain sales momentum

Christmas is always a significant boom time for retailers, but how can other businesses, especially B2B companies, take advantage of the general spending mood? B2B companies need to look for ways to take advantage of many firms ‘use it or lose it’ budgetary deadlines – those companies that in Q4, ....

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Prepping for a profitable 2015

With the proverbial ‘green shoots’ of economic growth finally starting to show in Europe and related markets, companies that have survived the long period of downturn and stagnation now need to prepare themselves to prosper in an upswing and gain an edge on competitors. If you are a manager or ....

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12 November 2014

The social video starter guide

There are a lot of ads out there that are invisible. It’s a sad and harsh reality that a lot of companies have to face. Of course, no single ad will please everyone, just as certain ads will only amuse handfuls. The question every marketing department and every major entrepreneur asks their ....

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