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To Blog or Not to Blog? Really, you need to ask?

So why should your business have a blog? For the very reason you’re reading this: to get website traffic!

Let’s be honest, a blog is a marketing tool. Yes, it can be used to promote advice, help hints, instructions etc. that is useful to prospects and customers alike, but at the end of the day, ....

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29 October 2014

8 techniques for construction firms to grow their business

20 years ago, if you needed a builder to work on a job around the home and you couldn’t geta recommendation from a friend, you’d probably browse the yellow pages to find the right company. In 2014, when faced with the same scenario, I doubt that anyone under the age of 40 would use this method. ....

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Why and how to calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Most businesses subscribe to the old adage ‘know your customers’ and take steps to at least have some idea of who their best customers are. Many even draw up pen portraits or personas to help them get a grip on who they are dealing with. But do most companies really know who their best customers ....

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5 CRM user benefits that may not be obvious to the end user

With Maximizer CRM 2015 now available, as with previous releases of the product, I like to review the way that I am working with it, to see if I can improve the way that I do things… so really, this article is about the five things that I am really enjoying in Maximizer at the moment. Here they ....

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How to Maximize Your Secure Data Storage Options

When it comes to getting the right data storage options for your business, there are a number of selections that may or may not be suitable for your particular area of business and your particular business requirements, but finding the ideal solution does require knowing a little bit more about ....

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