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Top 5 Features of Maximizer 2015 for MD's

As the Managing Director of a CRM company, you would expect that I use the Maximizer product extensively, no real surprises there. However, the way I use the product has gradually changed over time, primarily because of the new features in the product, the changing way we do business and the ....

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15 October 2014

Author: David Frederick

Guest Blog 

guest blog

Cloud computing for dummies...

Cloud computing is something that has taken the business world by storm. Not only has it changed how businesses store data, but it has changed how they use applications, collaborate and communicate. South Wales based IT support company CSG have contributed this interesting cloud infographic, that ....

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Understanding and maximizing customer lifetime value

There is a lot of talk about how you can use Big Data, Social CRM, mobile apps and all kinds of other wonderful elements of the digital age to reach pretty much any prospect or customer at any time. What too few people ask, however, is whether you should. What organisations today need to look at ....

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Top Five New Feature of Maximizer 2015 for Sales Managers

You may have heard that Maximizer has just launched a brand new shiny release, Maximizer CRM 2015. Interesting that we have moved away from versioning, which would have meant Maximizer CRM 13… maybe we have some superstitious leaders! wink

But I digress. With each new launch, as a sales manager, I ....

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8 October 2014

Ignore Your Boss to Increase Your Sales

It's great news when a client is so pleased with your service they say 'yes' to your request for a testimonial. Even better if they ask you to write it and say they will sign it off. Happy days!

You know exactly what you want the client to say, the product benefits you want to highlight, your ....

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