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5 common sales misconceptions and how they affect your sales success

Unfortunately the sales profession is full of inaccuracies and plain old misconceptions. Whether it is the incorrect assumptions that sales is nothing more than a ‘numbers game’, or that meeting quota is the only determinant of success, this article explains why these misconceptions are false and ....

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The Architecture of Online Happiness

attention of a goldfish?Our attention spans have never been shorter. Apparently, 55% of people only spend 15 seconds on a website. Facebook is so annoyed that people are spending 8 seconds waiting for an article to load, they’ve created Instant Articles so that you never have to leave Facebook. Ever!

If you own a ....

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How to find out where your target audience spends its time

B2B use LinkedInIf you are interested in increasing your revenues by identifying your most profitable target audience it is imperative to pinpoint where they spend most of their time. For instance, if you are a B2B company, maintaining an Instagram page might not be the best allocation of your marketing ....

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How do you personalise the purchasing experience for the unknown customer?

Less is always more when it comes to modern customer service. Whereas traditional marketing methodologies consisted of driving customers along the purchasing journey, today marketers are taking a backseat and allowing the customers to make their own purchasing decisions.

This has brought with ....

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