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28 August 2014

4 Steps to identify where your next sale will come from

As we approach the last quarter of the year, our annual sales targets are looming and the pressure to hit target is being felt by all within the company. So if your sales pipeline is looking a bit thin, what steps can you take to find revenue? Look into your existing customer base.

For most ....

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27 August 2014

Driving Energy Drives Sales - find out how

Are 'tired' and 'lethargic' the two words you would use to describe the current state of your sales team? Do they seem to have so little energy they can't even put together a suitable marketing plan, let alone actually make any sales? Follow the 5 steps below to bring fresh sources of energy and ....

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CRM: The top tool of the sales trade

Improving sales techniques and processes are integral to growth for companies of all sizes. To help, utilising the tools available plays a key part in excelling in sales. CRM technology has become more and more prevalent in sales teams and is rightly one of the key tools available to sales staff. ....

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Get to grips with evolving Customer Serviceā€¦

Customer service IS evolving – if anything, the online world is forcing us to take a long, hard look at our customer service processes and ultimately, improve them. We’ve got to be quick, we’ve got to be everywhere, we’ve got to be knowledgeable, and we’ve got to be… human! Customers don’t like ....

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20 August 2014

Author: Evielyn Chapman

Guest Blog 

guest blog
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How to be cyber secure - Top 5 Tips

With more and more of our lives moving online, it’s easy to become blasé about online security, what we are sharing online & keeping our data and identity safe. I don’t know about you, but it feels like everyone live their life online these days. The internet, social media & cloud technology have ....

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