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New Year, new sales role: six must-do actions for the first 90 days

Come the New Year, you’ve been given a new managerial role on the sales team. The burning question is: what do you do now? They gave you the job because you know what you’re doing when it comes to prospect and client relationships and have proven that in previous roles. Now you have to ....

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17 December 2014

Author: Owen Andrew

Guest Blog 

guest blog

5 Best Organisation Methods for Your Mobile Apps

With millions of apps to choose from and new ones popping up on the market every day, it can be hard to resist collecting as many apps as your phone or tablet’s storage capacity can handle. The only problem with hundred of apps to shuffle through is that finding the one you’re looking for can be ....

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No one is reading my online content - what can I do?

It is now widely accepted that content is king and as such, you are probably allocating a hefty percentage of your 2015 marketing budget towards content production, whether that be hiring an external agency or copywriter to produce interesting, lead generation material, or paying for in-house ....

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Sales incentive schemes have the power to be a winning formula for ROI

Most companies rely heavily on the success of sales staff for driving business profits, so optimising performance can have a huge difference on your business. A sales incentive scheme can boost sales revenues, without having drawbacks on other key business functions like customer service and lead ....

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10 December 2014

How to build a website – from keywords up

Before creating a website, there are a few things you need to tick off your checklist. There will be no point creating a website without pre-planning and a site structure, so why are these two things important and how will they help your website when it is complete?

get your SEO structure right to maximize your Google rankingCreating a site structure ....

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