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Social CRM needs commitment not just of resource but to a culture

Every company can benefit from linking its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into social media, but it does mean investing time and resource, which can mean stretching budgets for some companies – particularly smaller SMEs. However, it can be manageable if you identify what you want to ....

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Why Sales should engage with Marketing?

I have been in the world of sales for way to long, something like 26 years in some form or another.

And through the years, the way that we engage with marketing and what we expect from them has changed and continues to change. Why do we keep on changing? Well I think we keep on changing because ....

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10 September 2014

Author: Robert Cordray

Guest Blog 

guest blog

5 Ways Your Charts and Graphs May Be Misleading

As any journalist, marketer or stock broker can tell you, charts and graphs are some of the most accessible and convincing means of communicating a message. The media we consume on a daily basis is full of charts and graphs, and we often look at them first when analysing an article or ....

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Take an inbound step towards successful customer engagement

Until the digital age, sales teams were the keepers of product information. Potential customers had to come to talk to a salesperson to learn the details of any prospective purchase, from a hi-fi stereo system to a new piece of industrial equipment. But the internet changed all that. Consumer ....

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Why is networking so important for SME's?

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is one of those cliché sayings that my dad always used in his pre-retirement days. In his case, as an old style field sales rep, with minimum training and no qualifications, it got him business to the level where he could start his own business, have ....

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