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Maximizer CRM White Papers

At Maximizer, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology and our thought-leadership in the area of CRM development, technology and business needs. Access our series of research reports and whitepapers, offering an indepth view point of business strategies.

Top 5 CRM Trends in 2014

2014 is going to see big changes for CRM - get a summary of the key trends with this informative whitepaper, drawn together from industry leading sources to provide you and your company with a concise forecast of expected opportunities set to dominate the world of business software this year.

Ensuring your CRM delivers

A comprehensive guide to making your CRM project a success through the evaluation of your requirements, the Cloud Vs On-premise question, your people strategy, how you want to access your CRM and what features and integrations you may need...

The Productivity Puzzle

Productivity levels are poor at 3.7%, firms are spending more to generate the same and companies are hiring more staff - Why? The Productivity Puzzle Research Report from Maximizer Software seeks to better understand why productivity levels are declining.

Get your head in the cloud

Getting the correct deployment options for you and your business can be tricky, with cloud-based IT solutions looking appetising with low total cost of ownership, but is there a storm brewing? Read our White Paper; Getting your head in the cloud and review for yourself the concerns raised by Senior Business Managers, how these can be overcome and most importantly the benefits to you.

Everything, everywhere, right now

This piece of research, conducted by Maximizer Software looks at the adoption rates of mobile technologies amongst Small and Medium sized companies (SMEs) in the EMEA region. It's findings explain why there is mounting pressure on European businesses to adopt customer relationship management (CRM) applications or undertake upgrades that offer mobile access to their workforce.The report also finds that regardless of job type - sales, marketing, customer service or operations staff will fall behind in their productivity if they don't have the information they need at their fingertips...

3 ways to recession-proof your business

Despite the pressures of an economic recession this year, along with indicators reporting technology spending taking a downturn, the market for customer relationship management software is expected to continue on a steady growth. One of the reasons for this is that a CRM system can be a valuable tool for companies to leverage to turn the trend. In a recession, CRM can be viewed as a company recession management tool, providing ways for companies to guard against the typical pitfalls of recessionary thinking. In this whitepaper, Maximizer Software identifies three ways to 'up' the downturn and get a leg-up on competitors with the help of CRM.

Business at the speed of mobility-business drivers and best practices for mobile CRM

Whether you are a frequent-flying executive or constantly on the road as a field sales or service staff, you understand the importance of getting real-time access to your customer information. Remain competitive and stay connected with the new technical advances of Mobile CRM to dramatically increase productivity, reduce downtime and enable real-time updates regardless of location or time. Now companies are able to take mobility to the next level, harnessing the same devices to see further business gains in productivity, customer satisfaction, and real-time updates – all linked to corporate information systems.

How to rise above today’s economic challenges

There’s never been a time when you haven’t needed your field salespeople to perform at peak ability. But a number of challenges in today’s global marketplace makes it harder than ever for field sales representatives to stay on top of the game and keep your company’s bottom line from sinking into the red. To make the case for mobile CRM, this whitepaper shows the ways it can provide the flexibility and accessibility your sales representatives need to keep your business competitive, along with some of the key reasons why traditional CRM applications may no longer provide sales representatives with the tools and data they need to keep your company on a competitive track.

4 steps to monitoring team performance, accelerate sales & improve customer satisfaction

As a strategic business initiative, customer relationship management software is designed to help companies accelerate sales, while enabling staff to keep every customer satisfied. But your software is only as good as your business processes and your processes are only good if employees are adhering to them. So monitoring your team’s performance and tactical execution becomes critical, not only to the success of a CRM implementation, but to the growth and success of your business. In this report, you will find four key steps to monitoring your sales and customer service teams in order to ensure they are on a path to success - to accelerate sales and improve customer satisfaction!

Realising CRM: The effective process of implementing CRM

Customer relationship management requires a focus and commitment by businesses in order to become a value centre. CRM cannot be seen as a mere technology investment which is purchased, deployed and then delivers value in itself. Instead, CRM is a concept that must be realised within the organisation and with the support of its staff. For full effectiveness, CRM must be seen as an ongoing goal, in order to stay in line with business objectives and be able to change with the enterprise. Use this whitepaper to enhance business performance, find out the elements that need to be aligned for successful implementation and learn how to incorporate people, processes and technology in an effective strategy to bring the most value out of your CRM solution.

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