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Mobile CRM & All Access CRM


Maximizer CRM on the web, whether in Your Cloud or in Our cloud offers a low cost, no hassle but highly effective and flexible CRM solution, with the additional bonus of being accessible anywhere at any time via any web enabled device – allowing all staff, in the office or on the road, to stay productive, reducing downtime and ensuring all data within your CRM is real-time accurate.

Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, with Maximizer Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you have access to comprehensive sales, customer service and management functionality on the move.

Get real time insight into key metrics, see sales forecasts, resolve customer service cases, manage your work calendar, follow opportunities and create tasks and activities for colleagues back in the office. Get Maximizer and ensure you have all customer information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, to maximize all opportunities and more. Simply upload the latest information from each appointment and your Maximizer CRM database will automatically synchronise to ensure office bound teams are kept up-to-date with your progress.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management Webinar CRM Mobility Masterclass - watch our WebCast

CRM software system PDF See how you can access Maximizer CRM on your mobile, on the web and at your desk

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Mobile CRM workforce

Mobilise Your Workforce

Deploy employees anywhere while ensuring that they have access to all the information they need from Maximizer into the palm of their hand.

Use CRM on smartphone and tablet for customers

Always Connect with Customers

Easily search for key contacts or accounts directly from the home screen and send emails or make phone calls with just one touch of the screen.

Smartphone business productivity

View Real Time Updates

Give your field teams the ability to access the most current customer information directly from Maximizer or update existing customer information in real-time.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management

Manage Tasks On-The-Go

Comprehensive access and updating of contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, sales opportunities and customer service cases on-the-fly.

Key metrics on smartphones and tablet devices

Easily Monitor Key Metrics

Keep a constant pulse on your business and monitor key business sales, marketing and customer service metrics with real-time dashboards and reports.

Increase mobile CRM productivity

Optimise Productivity

Reduce sales downtime, increase customer face time, win more deals and move your business forward even when you’re not in the office.


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