Maximizer CRM assists senior management on many levels – this business productivity software solution reduces time-orientated tasks to improve your company's overall efficiency and effectiveness. Keep all of your communications, tasks, appointments and documents in one central database, so you can focus on the most important part of your business: your customers!

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At a glance key functionality to support your as a Senior Manager:

CRM dashboards

By viewing real-time snapshots of departmental and company performance through Maximizer CRM dashboards, executives and managers can adjust tactics or resources quickly. Easy to setup and modify, key performance indicators display in the formats of your choice. See results at a glance, displayed in charts, gauges, thermometers and LED-styles and enhance your insight further by clicking on the dashboard indicator to view the data behind the metrics; the data can then be formatted, sorted and exported to Excel if needed.

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Time management

Synchronise with your calendar in Microsoft Outlook® and to your mobile device to schedule and view your appointments and track and manage your time more efficiently. View colleagues' appointments and book meetings via the multi-user calendar and set alarms and prompts to assist you with your busy schedule.

Task management

Set follow ups and alerts from completing a proposal to making a call or sending an email, view upcoming activities and prioritise tasks. Synchronise everything with Outlook and with your mobile device or tablet, for anytime accessibility. Plus, utilising Maximizer's Workflow Automation add-on product to uncover potential issues, by automatically alerting managers or executives when a metric reaches a critical high or low. With triggered, action-oriented alerts sent to your staff via dashboard, task, email or phone, they can respond to time-sensitive developments when they occur. Get started with over 90 pre-configured queries and 50 events, such as 'lead not assigned' and 'customer service case open for more than one week'.

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Email management

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients – email multiple documents and collateral directly from the company library and save every email to a contact record for ease of reference in the future.

Document management

Store and share all collateral and important documents in one central repository with Maximizer CRM and search by name, author and date modified or archived for fast retrieval.

Business intelligence

With more than 175 pre-designed reports you can quickly and easily put actionable information into the hands of sales, marketing and service managers to solve problems, seize opportunities and refine everyday processes.

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Custom CRM reporting

Every business has unique processes, requirements and information tracking. Configure custom CRM reporting for your business metrics by creating your own reports or using one of the over 175 pre-built report templates included in Maximizer CRM with industry-leading Crystal Reports® and/or Microsoft SQL Reporting Services® (SRS)¹. Easily share reports with colleagues in various formats, including PDF, Word, HTML and XML or export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and data manipulation.

Critical information analysis

Take your custom fields to the next level by adding formulas. This powerful function gives you a more in-depth profile of your clients, by automatically calculating essential statistics, ratios and dates to quickly identify values that are important to you and to the growth of your business. Analyse critical information such as financial values and potential sales opportunities by combining data from existing custom fields to create a new custom field - maths, text and date/time functions can be used. This valuable information can then be viewed, searched or filtered rapidly to easily see where you should be focusing your efforts.

1. Fax and print campaign management is only available in Enterprise Edition.