The Sales Force Automation (SFA) software built into Maximizer CRM helps sales executives and sales teams build profitable relationships for long-term success, through advanced lead tracking and sales opportunity management. With all available information centralised into one, convenient, action-oriented workspace - whether accessing Maximizer CRM through a mobile device, online, or in the office, Maximizer CRM makes it easier to manage accounts, collaborate on sales opportunities and accurately forecast pipeline and revenues.

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At a glance key functionality to support your Sales role:

Account and contact management

Build long term customer relationships, manage unlimited accounts and personalise the way you view information. Search on any field and create one-click access to frequently required lists of prospects and customers. Manage sales territories by setting up parameters for lead assignment and access records, retrieve maps and directions and update customer information on the move with Maximizer's mobile capabilities – why not demo our sales management via iPad.

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Opportunity management

Built in sales management and sales forecasting makes light work of keeping on top of sales progress. With effortless graphical sales reports, you can track every detail, including probability of close, and take proactive measures to ensure your sales teams hit their targets.

Quote and order management

Whether you take orders online or over the phone, you can manage your leads from qualification to close by integrating your quote and order management process with Maximizer CRM.

Sales lead management

Ensure all leads are being handled in a time sensitive manner, leading to higher sales conversion and revenue. Automatically alert the right people to follow up on leads and track the status and source of every opportunity to measure funnel and conversion rate.

Sales quota management

Empower sales leaders with at a glance reports and visual dashboards to help keep sales teams motivated, focused and accountable.

Access anywhere, anytime

Leverage the power of mobile CRM on the latest smartphones and tablets (including iPhone™, HTC™, Google Android™, Nokia®, iPad™ and more.) to build loyal customer relationships and win more deals.