Maximizer CRM includes a powerful marketing module capable of working the way you do. With its automatic multi-phase campaign scheduling, easy to use web driven forms, Return on Investment (ROI) calculator and more. It will help you drive more effective prospecting and improve the customer experience at every level.

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At a glance functionality to support your role in Marketing:

Marketing automation

Automate and trigger dynamic, personalised marketing campaigns and improve campaign response with out-of-the-box reporting to fine-tune your campaigns and maximize marketing ROI, with insight gained from a snapshot or detailed view of campaign performance. Determine campaign effectiveness and capture valuable information on customer behaviour, so you can make informed decisions regarding your future marketing initiatives and resource allocation.

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Email marketing and list management

Easily filter and extract customer data to create precisely targeted lists, track open rates, click-throughs for up to 5 separate landing pages and manage opt in, opt out and unsubscribed. Schedule multi-phase campaigns automatically, drive traffic to purchase online or 'buy now' calls to action and more.

Campaign management

Email, print or fax┬╣ personalised communications, calculate ROI through automatic campaign integration with sales leads and opportunities and receive email alerts to monitor critical situations such as unassigned leads or opportunities not followed up by sales colleagues. Schedule multi-phased email campaigns and nurture relationships with trigger-based emails. Stay on top of your leads with automated activities to online events, such as a website download, purchase, service incident or enquiry. Set-up email auto-responders for when web forms are filled-in and schedule a series of follow-up tasks to keep your prospects and lead generation moving forward. By creating and applying campaign templates, save time and ensure consistent execution and follow-up of your campaigns. Turn leads into sales by not missing a beat.

Web marketing

Maximize lead generation by capturing data through the easy-to-use wizard driven web forms, which can be customised, branded and used for events, online surveys and more. With records being imported directly into Maximizer and automatically assigned to the right sales person, it's easy to track and follow up the success of every campaign, streamlining lead management and helping your sales team quickly respond.

1. Fax and print campaign management is only available in Enterprise Edition.