Using Maximizer CRM for customer service can help you control costs, while delivering a superior customer experience that nurtures and encourages customer loyalty. In your multi-faceted role, Maximizer CRM will help to effectively track, manage and resolve issues, including technical support, billing and returns.

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At a glance key functionality to support your role:


Customer case management

Create trouble tickets, complete with details that you can track and search using case numbers, product categories, assignments and more. Use alerts and notifications to escalate and resolve issues in a timely fashion, and with access to previous communications and complete customer profile history, respond quickly to issues and gain a better understanding of your customers' needs.


Create a fast, searchable online repository of detailed product information for your clients. The Knowledge Base will help you reduce in-bound calls and share incident resolutions with other colleagues, thereby reducing duplication efforts, plus it can be used as a source of FAQ for your website.

Customer self service

Through Maximizer's customer self-service, your customers can login to a web portal integrated with your CRM solution and have quick access to their online order status and customer service cases.

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Available for inbound and outbound calls to detect and display corresponding records, capture critical client history and improve call accuracy. To use CTI with Maximizer CRM:

  • Your phone system (driver, hardware) must be enabled for Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI)
  • You must have caller ID service from your phone service provider and compatible hardware.

Measure service quality

With real-time access to customer service metrics through dashboards, reports and alerts, critical service issues that require immediate attention can be addressed rapidly. Easily track details of customer problems by configuring case-related fields that are important to your business, such as product application or model number.